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Pick and Pack

Instead of worrying about warehousing, inventory and staff to do the order fulfillment and shipping at your own location, let Inland Logistics manage every aspect of your inventory control.

Container De-Vanning, Palletizing

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At Inland Logistics we can handle all your container de-vanning requirements, goods handling and palletizing.

To free up your drivers and trucks, Inland Logistics provides trailer and container transloading services. We can handle your freight, destined for all locations in Puerto Rico where operating hours are limited or when delivery appointments must be met.

To ensure your trucks are back on the road producing, Inland Logistics will offload your trailers and then deliver per your schedule or delivery appointment.

For drayage containers, we help you eliminate unnecessary late fees by de-vanning, palletizing and shrink wrapping your freight, creating the option for you to warehouse at our facility or to have us load directly into your trailers.

Loading and Unloading

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Containers to unload by hand?

Together with our Warehousing operation we also offer a container de-vanning service, including handball container de-stuffing, palletizing, careful goods handling, shrink wrapping, labeling and storage. Our experienced staff will ensure that your and your customers goods are handled with care right through to final delivery.

Time or Manpower too tight?

Container due? Staff busy? Let us handle that container, and after your goods are carefully unloaded and stored in our secure warehouse, (all our premises are monitored and protected by video security systems linked directly to Police) we can consolidate loads and deliver as and when required by you or your customers. Whether full loads or a pallet at a time.

Cost Savings

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Inland Logistics will inventory your items, deal with insurance and workplace safety and manage employees to look after that stock.  Our costs are a fraction of your costs of doing it on your own.


By utilizing our warehousing, inventory, shipping, and receiving services, you can dedicate more time and energy towards attending your clients.  Instead of taking up valuable space for inventory storage, let Inland Logistics store your products in our vast warehouse facilities. Large orders or seasonal sales can be fulfilled rather than your backordering and risking potential loss of business.

Order Fulfillment Services

Business to Business

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Inland Logistics provides third-party fulfillment of products shipped from one business to another. We process orders on our clients’ behalf and then ship to their customers, which include retail stores and distribution centers and wholesalers anywhere in Puerto Rico. We are the “invisible distribution arm” of our clients, specializing in backend logistics, including product inventory management and preparation of products for shipping including picking & packing, kitting and light assembly, boxing, labeling, palletizing, freight forwarding and consolidation. Because we handle the demands of some of Puerto Rico’s largest retailers on a regular basis, we're able to ship our clients’ products faster, with fewer errors and more cost effectively than they could themselves.

Supply Chain Distribution

Seasons and trends are always changing. Inland Logistics understands your need to keep up with consumer demands; therefore, we offer an array of 3PL third party warehousing and transportation services to fulfill all of your Supply Chain Distribution needs. From around-the-clock warehousing access to expedited transportation services, we can react quickly and accordingly to market fluctuations.

We maintain an excellent order accuracy rating thus giving you the satisfaction of knowing your orders are being fulfilled correctly and to the exact specifications of each store. Leave your Supply Chain Distribution needs to Inland Logistics; we can get the job done right!